April 15, 2010

Pink Garden Rose Hantaran

A lovely and thoughtful present from an aunt to her beloved niece: the gift of her Engagement Hantaran set! I had the pleasure to make Seven Pahars plus two standbys just in case. Theme colour chosen was definitely pastel Pink with Whites. A touch of luxury can be seen with the usage of premium glass pearls and beads.

Currently in trend, white ceramic delicate doily-like design plates and fruit bowl were used this time. I personally like using ceramic plates be it clean lines or delicate designs instead of the old wicker baskets or wooden trays trend. A practical person that I am, I love using items that the bride can use in her new home and married life :)

* The beautiful bride with the hantaran I made :)

* The Shirt, Tie and Belt

* Puffed heart shaped themed white handcrafted sugar paste flowers cake

* The delectable buttercream cupcakes

* The 'gorgeous' looking strawberries

* Another edible hantaran- Mini Cheese Blueberry Tartlets

* Chocolates in theme pink wrappers made into a hand held posy

* The silver Tepak Sirih in a tray of fragrant jasmines

Some close up pics for your eye candy :P

* Exquisite faux life-like flowers
The artificial flowers available these days looks amazingly REAL!

* One of the decorated plates

* Another bouquet made

* Side view of the chocolate posy

* Clearer picture of the lovely cake