November 18, 2013

Lovely Yellow

I had the pleasure of making a yellow theme hantaran of 5 pahar. Gorgeous light yellow ranunculus, bold yellow freesia, cream wax flowers adorned with yellow crystal beads and pearls; nestled in a timber carved white box. Cheerful and refreshing :)

 A close up for your viewing pleasure

Royal Blue

Royal Blue is the theme for this set of 5 pahar wedding hantaran. Lovely agapanthus and off white country roses highlighted by blue glass and crystal beads and pearls too. Not forgetting my signature fluffy big bow!

As I love simple and practical things; I used square white plates as a base for this hantaran. Hopefully they are useful and contribute as table wares in the newlyweds new home :)

The Mas Kahwin in bloom

Summery Yellow Lilies

Bold yellow lilies and freesias were used for this 5 pahar wedding hantaran. A simple bouquet with handwired premium glass pearls and light yellow crystals, with gold wired ribbon. Cheery summer florals indeed :)


November 7, 2013

Regal Emerald

A set of 5 pahar in regal emerald green theme as selected by the mother of the groom. Pure white garden roses, delicate tiny white flowers. trailing ivy with hand-wired green crystals set in white carved timber box. Perfect for a garden wedding, don't you think? ;)  And white flowers are my all time favourites!


 Please forgive the quality of the pictures- I must learn to take better pictures :(


November 6, 2013

Bakul Sia and Cream Cherry Blossom

In honour of her chinese heritage, the bride chose this theme for her wedding hantaran of 7 pahar. Highlighting the single flower of cream cherry blossom with clear Swarovski crystals beads and gold leaves, the traditional 'bakul' is fit for a wedding.

A mini bakul sia to accompany the miniature guitar

A close up of the whole bouquet on the sides

Pretty Lilac

A lovely lilac and cream set of 7 pahar for the bride. Clusters of hydrangea, country rose and trailing ivy adorned these round trays accented by purple crystals and pearls. Garden wedding anyone? :)     





October 31, 2013

Southern Country Pastels

ASSALAMUALAIKUM and a warm WELCOME to our viewers and followers!

Firstly, I would like to apologize for the long absence. So many things have happened and it just seems like there is hardly time or opportunity to sit down to update this post.

Anyway, here I am, back again with some of my recent work for your eye candy. Hope you will enjoy and appreciate everything pretty and nice as much as I do :)

The theme for this wedding assignment is Southern Country Pastels~ This special bride-to-be chose this colourful florals inspired from an article in a renown international bridal magazine.

10 full rounded pahars of premium life-like faux flowers; you can hardly tell the difference!
Seen here also are two floral arrangements with similar flowers for the dais
The tepak sirih~ the fresh betel leaves will be added in at the last minute
For the ring
Floral arrangements
VIP gifts

VIP gifts

The  materials that I have to work with...