December 17, 2010

Peaches and Cream Hantaran

The bride's love for pure white bird cages made her used them for her wedding hantaran recently. Teamed with flowers in shades of pale orange and cream, the outcome brings a lovely 'gardeny' feel to the most memorable day of her life. I had the pleasure of making Nine Pahars for the hantaran :)

A few types of flowers were used to create this full and lush arrangements. Full bloom Roses, small Hydrangeas, Stock, white flowers, berries and light green foliage were carefully chosen. As always been my signature, pearls and crystal beads were used to give a touch of luxury. This time, every single flower and foliage was individually wired to enable them to cascade naturally.

This is my first time making a Peach Color theme hantaran and if I may say so, it is simply a lovely pastel color shade indeed!

* All six birdcages plus three trays

* The ring pahar

* A close up for your eye candy =)

* A simple platform with bouquet

* A closer look at the individual birdcage

* A side view

* A close up of the exquisite blooms

April 15, 2010

Cream Rose Hantaran

PINK is always a favourite I must say!
I was given the honour of preparing a set of Seven Pahars for an Engagement hantaran recently. Lovely cream roses were picked and teamed with sweet pink faux freesias and forget-me-not. Always a pleasure working with pink as it soothes the soul... at least for most of us if not me alone!

Currently in trend, the mother of the groom also chose white ceramic delicate doily-like design for the plates, fruit bowl and high goblets for the bunga rampai holder. As always, my principle is simple but nice with little touches of luxury if not all :P

* All 7 Pahars ready to go

* The Sirih Junjung with imported fresh Pink Roses and Cream Lisianthus

* The Ring dais with the Bunga Rampai goblets

* The Toiletries set in it's own heart shaped box

* A set of clothing material placed in cream damask covered box studded with diamante

* The delicate handmade sugar paste flowers fondant cake in theme flowers and colors

* The delicious miniature currants and strawberries

* The Hulubalangs in procession :P

Pink Garden Rose Hantaran

A lovely and thoughtful present from an aunt to her beloved niece: the gift of her Engagement Hantaran set! I had the pleasure to make Seven Pahars plus two standbys just in case. Theme colour chosen was definitely pastel Pink with Whites. A touch of luxury can be seen with the usage of premium glass pearls and beads.

Currently in trend, white ceramic delicate doily-like design plates and fruit bowl were used this time. I personally like using ceramic plates be it clean lines or delicate designs instead of the old wicker baskets or wooden trays trend. A practical person that I am, I love using items that the bride can use in her new home and married life :)

* The beautiful bride with the hantaran I made :)

* The Shirt, Tie and Belt

* Puffed heart shaped themed white handcrafted sugar paste flowers cake

* The delectable buttercream cupcakes

* The 'gorgeous' looking strawberries

* Another edible hantaran- Mini Cheese Blueberry Tartlets

* Chocolates in theme pink wrappers made into a hand held posy

* The silver Tepak Sirih in a tray of fragrant jasmines

Some close up pics for your eye candy :P

* Exquisite faux life-like flowers
The artificial flowers available these days looks amazingly REAL!

* One of the decorated plates

* Another bouquet made

* Side view of the chocolate posy

* Clearer picture of the lovely cake

April 14, 2010

Maroon Velvet Rose Hantaran

As I've promised, this is the posting for the Maroon Velvet Rose hantaran theme. Am soo... sorry for the delay! They were already in my drafts posting but due to an earlier life 'hiccup', so now here they are for your eyes only :)

These were the other half of the
Twenty Four(24) pahar in total made for one occasion, an Akad Nikah ceremony in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. You can read my other posting for the other half in the Lilac White Orchid hantaran theme posted earlier. As I've mentioned earlier, I did not make the alas pahar for both sets of hantaran as there were time constraints. Had to be contented with these rented alas pahar, I wished otherwise :(

* Eleven plus one pahar, the Sirih Junjung

* The Sirih Junjung

* The Mas Kahwin made into a flower bouquet ~It was my 1st attempt making these! How did I rate? :)

* The Wedding Dowry@ Duit Hantaran with Bunga Rampai in mini crystal bowls

* Handbag and Slip On

* A set of perfume and toiletries

* Yummy fruits and berries in a crystal bowl

* A jar of chocolates in theme colors as requested

* A set of Quran and finely embroidered Telekung

* A set of clothing

* A set of embroidered towels (It had to be wrapped in to hide the colors as they were not in themed colors)

* A box for an edible hantaran

Hello Again...

Salam and Hello again everyone.. Firstly, thank you so much for all the feedback and inquiries I have received since late last year. Went through a little hiccup but alhamdulillah, now I'm back! And I'll try to update you as much as I can from where I left off ya. Stay tune! :)

Handmade Bunga Pinang

I also handcraft bunga pinang for hantaran to be used in tepak sirih and sirih junjung. Bunga Pinang bouquets are also available upon request depending on number of flowers and size.

A set of three stalks of bunga pinang is RM30; complete with bunga kapur, bunga gambir and cengkih

A complete bouquet similar to this is RM70; price varies depending on client's requested number of bunga pinang