August 3, 2009

Blue and Cream English Flowers Hantaran

This special hantaran of seven(7) pahar were meant to be simple and able to be packed in a box for a wedding in Kuching, Sarawak. Everything were boxed and sent by flight from Kuala Lumpur and re-assembled upon arrival in Kuching. The pictures shown are only some of the hantaran I made for the wedding.

These were actually my first attempt making wedding hantaran! Thank you to my aunty who believe in me in the first place and giving me the opportunity to explore the creative side of me :)

* Two similar Handcrafted Box were made for shirt and
baju melayu with sampin

* Beautifully wrapped basket for the toiletries and perfume set

* Decorated dais for the jewellery and fragrant potpourri

* Simple basket for an abundance of fresh fruits

* A little flower bouquet to highlight the Make Up Gift Set