August 6, 2009

Glittery Copper Flowers Hantaran

This Copper Flowers hantaran consists of nine(9) pahar from the bride to the groom. Honestly, I was sceptical at first to use copper. I have always love pastels and copper theme had never crossed my mind! The mother had personally picked the copper flowers and I just have to turn them into beautiful wedding hantaran.

Honestly, I had a really full timetable to prepare for these. I would like to tell you a secret: I made these two themes hantaran, Pink Cherry Blossom and Copper Flowers amounting to seventeen(17) pahars altogether. Plus the twenty four(24) pahar for the Lilac White Orchid and the Maroon Velvet Roses at the same time! Imagine my headache.. Anyway, everything was delivered on time and to the best of my creative ability :) I hope you have enjoyed looking at them and all the hardwork put into them will disappear. That will be my greatest pleasure!

* All pahar ready before the Akad Nikah ceremony

* The Sirih Junjung

* The Wedding Ring for the groom

* The Shirt and Cufflinks set

* The Perfume

* Grooms accessories: wallet, belt and chain

* A pair of Shoes

* Handmade chocolate with fillings

* Premium dates in a basket

* Theme fondant cake

* A close up picture for your viewing pleasure :)