August 6, 2009

Pearly Pink White Orchid Hantaran

An Engagement hantaran consisting of nine(9) pahar highlighting the bride's favourite flower, exquisite White Cymbidium Orchid. The overall theme is exquisite and luxurious in pink! With that in mind, I used- silver trays, crystal bowls and beads and definitely as you might have guessed, pearls and delicate lace. I also custom made the nine(9) 'alas pahar' made from light pink satin and off white organza with exclusive pearl lace trimming and handsewn pearls and crystal beads. I hope you like them as much as I have enjoyed creating them :)

* Six out of the nine pahar created for the beautiful occasion

* Handcrafted flower with easter egg size chocolates in silver tray

* Toiletries in crystal bowl

* A bouquet to adorn a plain colored shirt with necktie

* Groom accessories highlighted with floral wreath

* A plain fluffy cream colored towel with floral bouquet

* The Tepak Sirih with handmade 'Bunga Pinang".
The sirih@betel leaves were not yet added at the time