August 6, 2009

Pink Cherry Blossom Hantaran

There were seventeen (17) pahar made for this wedding. The mother of the groom chose Pink Cherry Blossom theme as she wanted something different and the Copper Flowers theme was chosen as copper was the groom's favourite color. The cherry blossom hantaran is in seven(7) pahar for the lovely bride, from the groom. The alas pahar were also made according to theme with light pink satin underneath a cream organza top with intricate pearl lace edging and crystal beads.

* All hantaran in place before the Akad Nikah ceremony

* Sirih Junjung with pink roses and wax flowers

* The wedding ring on a mini dais accompanied by crystal swans

* The Handbag

* A pair of Shoes

* The Make Up

* Beautiful flowing silk fabric for clothing

* The theme fondant heart shape cake

I also re-created the Bunga Mas Kahwin at the last minute. It was done by someone else at first but since it was done not to the likings of many, it had to be re-assembled. The other additional pahar was a surprised Langkah Bendul gift for the elder sister. It was certainly a pleasant surprise for her as she did not expect any at all :P

* The Bunga Mas Kahwin

* A fresh flower floral wreath with lisianthus and wax flowers,
highlighting the gift at the center. I purposely created this tray
separate from the cherry blossom theme (still maintaining the
pink theme), to show that it is not part of the bride's pahar

Below I have posted some close up photos for your viewing pleasure