August 5, 2009

Lilac White Orchid Hantaran

These were my first big assignments: Twenty Four(24) pahar in total to be made for one occasion for both the bride and groom!

A Wedding hantaran of twelve(12) pahar each (eleven plus one) for both the Engagement and Akad Nikah ceremony in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. The bride requested a nice and simple theme of purple color for her to be given to the groom and maroon for her by the groom. You can read my other posting for the Maroon hantaran theme.

As for the bride, I chose lilac. Personally, I love the elegance and sweetness in this particular color. I paired lilac with a lot of cream, silver accessories and pearls of course :) Another favorite of mine now is using ceramic or glass as servers instead of rattan or wicker basket. They look presentable and definitely practicle as they can be used by the bride at her new home after the marriage.

As there was time constraint, I did not make the alas pahar for both sets of hantaran. They were rented but much to my dismay, they were not as nice as I was hoping them to be :(

* Eleven plus one pahar, the Sirih Junjung

* The head of the hantaran, the Sirih Junjung

* The wedding band and bunga rampai

* A wrist watch for the groom

* A pair of shoes

* A set of shirt, necktie, belt and wallet
The bride bought the seashell like
container as it was her personal favorite

* Prayer mat and the Al-Quran

* A set of perfume and toiletries

* A selected choice of fresh green pears and grapes

* Tarts as another edible hantaran

* Chocolates in silver and purple shades wrapper

* A set of Baju Melayu and Sampin

A few close up pictures for your eye candy :P

* Handmade bunga pinang amidst the sirih junjung lovely flowers

* The dais for the wedding ring and bunga rampai close up

* Cymbidium Orchid and Lavender close up